Common Dosoian

Dosoians are a humanoid race of beings that are very advanced and that wage war to conquer planets. They currently have 10 planets under there control. They want to control every planet in their galaxy, some planets they completely kill the whole race others they let the race lice to use as slaves. If a contract or treaty is signed with them they will stick to it, until they think that the other race is going to betray them. Their home planet is Planet Doso.

Religion Edit

They believe that their creator is a God of war, and that he originally ruled all the planets in the galaxy, but other races came to those planets and claimed them as their own. They also believe that their God retreated to a place of wisdom an harmony, and left it up to them to reclaim all of the planets.

Technology Edit

They are one of the most advanced races in the Helto Galaxy. They are light years ahead of humans, in technology. They are especially advanced in technology for war, and healing. Technology for the common people of their planet is very advanced as well, but not as much as war and healing technologically.

Life Style Edit


They appear to look just like human. They are average size of humans, but they are very smart. They tend to age just like human only after hitting 106 years of age they start to stay the same. But also at the extreme age of 145 they look like they are only 96. And at the age of 14 they look their 4, and age 45 they look like 23.


They normally eat meat and plants, mostly meat. They will eat anything they looks good. Quote from one of their legends"A Dosoian once ate a whole planet after getting a rock stuffed in his mouth." That says that they will mostly eat everything that tastes good too.

Special AbilitesEdit

  • Fire resistance is one of their unique abilities to withstand fires up to 6,000 degrees Celsius.
  • Quick Recovery is a special ability to quickly recover after a fight or near death experience.