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Planet Akro

Planet Akro is home to the Akrians. Its gravity is the same as Earth's. It has a belt around it and has a purple/violet clouds surrounding it. It is located in the Helto Galaxy. It's place in the Galaxy is very difficult to understand, because it can see another Galaxy even in broad daylight, and it is is literally on the edge of the galaxy. This is a planet that is in a solar system that only contains one planet with life.


  • Pure Water, also known as Pera Aqua, is a type of water that helps your health and can help you heel faster.
  • Super Gold is a type of Gold that only a small piece (1cmx1cm) could equal the amount of Earth's moon if it were completly made out of Gold.
  • Lightects is a pocket of Light that is hidden somewhere in the planet. If it can get contained it is worth more then Super Gold.
  • Violet Dust is a type of salt sized minerals that if a person is in it long enough can completly heal them. And is used by the locals to help with meditation.
  • Zero Gavity Rocks, also known as Cero Gravite Tera, are rocks that when big enough or small ones of them are put together can create a zero gravity.