Planet Doso 3

Planet Doso 3 is one of the ten planets that is named after the original Planet Doso. It has the same amount of gravity of Earth. The main race was Kystians, until the Dosoians wiped them out and replaced the planet as there own. The planet is completely made of gold.


  • Gold is found all around the planet. This planet was considered to be the most valuable planets in the San Galaxy, but was proven wrong.
  • Mistopian is a mineral that was located a few places around the world, it is said to be able to give a person a longer life span.
  • Super Gold is a type of Gold that only a small piece (1cmx1cm) could equal the amount of Earth's moon if it were completly made out of Gold.
  • Lightects is a pocket of Light that is hidden somewhere in the planet. If it can get contained it is worth more then Super Gold.