Planet Doso (BlazeFireXXXX)

Planet Doso 5

Planet Doso 5 is one of the ten planets ruled by the Dosoians. It was taken over due to its high life count. The Dosoians wanted to take advantage of that so they took over the planet and kept all the living beings there as slaves. It's gravity is 2 times stronger then Earth's. It was originally called Kuton, and its inhabitants were Kutonians.

It is said to be one of the greatest planets in history, do to how much life in contains. It was a planet of peace and prosperity, but when the Dosoians everyone stopped coming to the planet and now it is a planet that is used for producing weapons and machinery.


  • Gold is a very valuable supstance.
  • Super Gold is a type of Gold that only a small piece (1cmx1cm) could equal the amount of Earth's moon if it were completly made out of Gold.
  • Lava Diamonds are a type of mineral or rock that is not only over 50x harder then diamond it is 300x more valuable then Diamonds.