Planet Doso 7

Planet Doso 7 is one of the ten planets that were captured by the Dosoians. It's gravity is five times that of Earth's gavity. It is completly covered in Red Storms. It was originally Planet Tern, and was roaming with life until the Dosoians exteminated them all and took over their planet.


  • Super Gold is a type of Gold that only a small piece (1cmx1cm) could equal the amount of Earth's moon if it were completly made out of Gold.
  • Red Strocts is a type of mineral that is can only be found on Planets with Red Storms. It forms within the winds of the storm and becomes a solid form of wind that is as valuable as Diamond.
  • Lava Mocks is a type of rock, or lava that was blocked invetween to rock layers and has been sitting there for many years hardening into a super hard metal, stronger then titanium.